Welcome to UA&P!

Congratulations for passing the UA&P Entrance Test! We have prepared this website to guide you through the admissions process and university life in general. Announcements and updates for SY21-22 incoming students will be posted here.

Learn how to confirm your slot and proceed to enrollment by clicking the link below.


Each student has his/her own mentor being different professors, deans or administrative staff to guide them as they cope and make decisions both in school and outside of it.


Courses are delivered online via Canvas, the Learning Management System (LMS) used by the University since 2018. Both asynchronous (self-paced) and synchronous (live) classes are hosted through this platform.


UA&P students continue to enjoy access to online library resources available from the website.


Student Life on Campus

Student Life at Home

Student Ambassadors

Blended Learning Primer


Scholarships (scholars@uap.asia)

Admissions Office (admissions@uap.asia)

Admission status, reconsideration, and other admission-related concerns

Registrar’s Office (registrar@uap.asia)

Confirmation of slot, enrollment, FAAP/JCAAP

Accounting Office